Prior to (ZI) Victor obtained his (BBA) in Finance from the University of West Georgia in 2014, shortly after graduating college – he briefly worked at Fortune 500 company New York Life, as a Licensed Financial Professional and assisted clients with their retirement planning and life insurance needs. While at NYL, he saw first-hand how important keeping investors’ needs first and building relationships with them to the long-term success of an organization was. His passion and love for real estate investing however caused him to resign and focus on building his real estate investment firm, and since then has been responsible for over 50+ investment deals and projects being executed in the Atlanta Market alone. Victor’s first investor clients – included both domestic and international investors from Australia, Israel, China, and West Africa and institutional private equity hedge-funds (including: Silverbay Homes, Invitation Homes, Waypoint Homes, Havenbrook Homes, & 643 Capital Management) who were spending millions of dollars’ worth of capital which Victor sourced and sold to them around 2013/2014.

The birth of ZIROW INVEST, Ltd. (ZI) came about because of his passion for helping everyday people to accomplish financial freedom and his understanding that a lot of good working class people have always wanted to invest in real estate, but just didn’t know where to go or start. At (ZI) we provide a fully streamlined and passive investing solution for investors who have been able to do well for themselves financially but believe they can do even better, given the right investment opportunities. Our investment philosophy is built on 3 core foundations and principles: risk management, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation. We are a full-service development company – that acquires, repositions, resells, and provides tenant placement if needed – we handle the entire investment process with integrity from start to finish for our clients.

We are passionate about developing under-served markets and revitalizing emerging market communities. ZI has continued to focus its core investment strategy on the acquisition, reposition, renting and disposition of value-added residential real estate investment opportunities in segmented regions that exhibit a need for major re-development of real estate. Our investments are usually located in major metropolitan cities that show signs of major population growth, employment growth, and transitioning neighborhoods, which are experiencing a rise in demand for homes.